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DropTargetLeft is fired for all droptargets when DragSource_DragMoved


I have noticed a strange behavior with the DragMoved event for dragsources, it seems like every time I move a dragsource all DropTargets fires the DropTargetLeft event as long as the dragsource is outside any droptargets.
This is a major problem when using many droptargets.
I think the problem is in DragSource.cs and CheckIfIAmInDropTarget() method.
I can´t find any code checking that you really has left a droptarget before firing DropTargetLeft.
Is this a bug or have I just missed something?


gbrice69 wrote May 7, 2010 at 1:42 PM

I am having a similar problem when trying to nest the drag drop listbox within a drag drop panel. I am currently trying a solution to set the child element's AllDropTargetsValid = false and add each of the list boxes droptarget to a droptargetlist but having a problem assigning each droptarget a unique name as this control doesn't (as far as I can see) give each list items droptarget it's own droptarget name. If I set the parent's drop target ghost size to very small then I can use the listbox drag and drop features as normal but the layout then gets skewed. Maybe allowing the control that is being clicked zIndex to be set highest will be a fix? I will keep plugging a way to find a work around. A suggestion soon would be appreciated, otherwise this is a great control.

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